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Thinking – it hurts!

Well, it always used to hurt me. Actually, it still does. As some old philosopher must have said to someone with a headache ‘it wouldn’t be worth doing if it was easy’ (such adages are primarily aimed at stilling dissent rather than clearing the mind).

Well, easy things may not be worth doing, though I’ve always thought sleep was probably the most worthwhile activity, but in any case there’s certainly no harm in making things less difficult than they have to be. The posts in this blog are from the manuscript of my book on critical thinking*, and aimed at trying to give you a method for making difficult things easier to think about. It doesn’t mean you can get out of doing the thinking; it just means you don’t have to give yourself a headache while doing it.

Hope it helps.

*I’ll be publishing the entire book for free on this blog. Follow me on Twitter or get the RSS feed to find out when new posts go up..

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