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10. Descartes’ ‘Meditations’

The twelve paragraphs in our first excerpt are from one of the most famous and influential texts ever published in Western Philosophy. They belong to Rene Descartes ‘Meditations on First Philosophy’, which is a standard reading for philosophy students all over the world. Descartes writes in a fluent and narrative style, but what makes it difficult for modern readers is not just the occasional low-frequency vocabulary but also the old-fashioned grammatical structures.

Set aside around 50 minutes to read the text and to make your notes. As you read, remember to follow the steps as set out in the reading technique. After having read the text and made your notes, try to answer the questions at the end of the excerpt.

Answers to the questions, paragraph notes, and a commentary are provided on the answer page, the link to which is at the end of the excerpt.

Enjoy! 🙂

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