Exercise 5

If you haven’t done already, read the post 5: Inference and Validity before trying the following exercises.

You can check your answers for this exercise here.

1. We can determine whether a claim follows from its premises by finding out whether the premises are true or not. True / False?

2. What kind of statement a sentence is depends on what it says.
True / False?

3. A Universal statement tells us that anything that belongs to a given kind has a certain property. True / False?

4. An argument is valid if its premises are true and its conclusion is true.
True / False?

5. An argument may be sometimes valid and sometimes invalid, depending on what the premises are about. True / False?

6. Using the code U+, U-, P+ and P-, say what kind of statement each of the following is:

a. No teacher is perfect
b. My teacher is always kind
c. All teachers give me bad grades
d. Some teachers are not good teachers

Check the answers or continue reading

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