Exercise 4

This exercise refers to post 4: Two kinds of argument. Go back to re-read it as often as you need to.

Attempt ALL of the questions before checking the answers. 🙂

What kind of arguments are these:
a. ‘I know that this stick of trinitrotoluene won’t explode if dropped. It has never done that before.’

b. ‘Trinitrotoluene is extremely stable. It says so in my chemistry textbook.’

c. ‘Abortion is morally wrong. After all, it’s illegal in this state, and the church forbids it too.’

d. ‘The 19th King of Grenouille will be from the Grenouille family because the last eighteen have all been from that family. The tradition will continue.’

e. ‘According to intelligence reports, Hitler’s armies will invade England. They have already pushed forward on both the Eastern and Western Fronts. France fell some time ago.’

f. ‘Hitler’s armies have pushed forward on both the Eastern and Western fronts. France has already fallen. Therefore, Hitler’s armies will invade England next.’

g. ‘Meteorologists say that it will rain in Manhattan tomorrow. A cold front has been reported as moving up along the Eastern Seaboard.’

h. ‘It is raining off the Eastern seaboard. Rain will arrive in Manhattan within the hour.’

You can check the answers here, or continue reading

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