Exercise 3

This exercise relates to post 3: More about claims and premises and post 3.1: Assessing Arguments.

Consider the following argument and answer the questions:

“Is God an atheist? By God, I propose to understand a being with the sort of qualities traditionally ascribed to him by orthodox Christian interpretations; namely, all knowing, all powerful, all present. On this definition, there is nothing that God doesn’t know. God does not need to question where he came from or whether a higher or greater power caused his existence. An omniscient God has no existential dilemmas and, hence, has no room for – or need of – faith. Fundamental to the notion of an atheist is the idea of being without faith. Ergo, God is an atheist.”

1. What is the claim?

2. What are the premises?

When you are ready, have a look at the answer here.

If you are re-reading this page to do exercise 3.1, you can jump back to exercise 3.1 here.

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