Nietzsche Answers: Main ideas

This page provides the paragraph main ideas for the excerpt on Nietzsche.

Main ideas:

1. Individuals should follow their conscience and not the herd.

2: Such an individual must deal with isolation as did Schopenhauer, in stark contrast to Kant, who enjoyed much popularity and fame. Nevertheless, thinking for oneself is an antidote to tyranny, for tyrants cannot reach into a man’s conscience except by his own admission.

3: Truth becomes susceptible to scepticism and relativism if one follows Kant’s philosophy.

4: Hence, Schopenhauer is of great importance. He shows us the difference between an holistic and an analytic approach (Kant).

5: The problem with the analytic approach is that one does not have an overview to act as a frame of reference. One is simply dissecting parts and generating problems and answers without any idea of what their relation is to the whole. The meaning of both an individual’s and of all life can only be understood as a whole. They are analogous to each other.

6. One must understand Schopenhauer first individually – find the truth about yourself, and then to improve yourself, and in so doing help to improve humanity. Such a project leads to resignation – for not much improvement can be made in either the individual or general condition of humanity.

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