Ex 1 Answers

This relates to the exercise at the end of post 1: What is an argument.

Please note that the answers below show only the form of the argument. They do not imply that the argument is valid. We will be looking at how to assess arguments for validity in subsequent posts.

claim: Professor Jones must have a cold.
premise: Professor Jones was coughing throughout the whole lecture.

Claim: we must start negotiating towards the establishment of a world government.
Premise 1: Nation-state politics makes solutions to global problems impossible achieve.
Premise 2: If we continue to bicker over policies concerning global problems, it will soon be too late to do anything about them.

Claim: It looks as if we will either have to reconsider Kant or reconsider Plato.
Premise 1: If Mill is wrong, we will have to reconsider Kant.
Premise 2: If Aristotle is wrong, we will have to reconsider Plato.
Premise 3: Either Mill or Aristotle is wrong.

Claim: People do not need to be told what to eat.
Premise 1: Any kind of food, not just fast food, can be dangerous if eaten excessively.
Premise 2: This is common sense.

Claim: The world is overpopulated because we have been interfering with nature.
Premise 1: Science has helped us to grow more food and cure more sick people than ever before.

Claim: It is important to develop critical thinking skills.
Premise 1: There is more falsehood, fallacy and foolishness being promoted nowadays than ever before.
Premise 2: It is important to recognise such nonsense as it poses a danger to either oneself or someone else.

Claim: Population is one factor causing a collision between civilization and the Earth.
Premise 1: There has been a population explosion in the last 60 years.
Premise 2: This puts pressure on vulnerable natural resources.
Premise 3: This pressure is one of the reasons why we have seen all the devastation of the forest, not only tropical, but elsewhere.

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