Who Am I?

Phil Stokes has done a few things, most of which you won’t be interested in.

Philosophically, he started wondering at around the age of 16 “why stuff happens” and is still awaiting an answer. He’s come up with a few theories along the way, but most have been squashed in intense debates in pubs not far from Reading Uni (in his undergrad days), Bristol Uni (in his postgrad days) and a few places in between that have slipped his memory.

He continues to search for the ultimate meaning of everything while acknowledging that better people have tried and gone home, no doubt deciding that while Douglas Adams’ answer of ’42’ is incorrect, no other suggestion would ever be as famous. He bides the interval – and scratches out a living – by marvelling at how Platonic metaphysics and object-oriented programming share an uncanny resemblance in his blogs here, there and everywhere.

Credit where credit is due…

Prof. John Cottingham, Dr John Preston and Dr Hanjo Glock all did much to steer me away, as best they could, from the worst of my delusions during my time at the Department of Philosophy, University of Reading, during the periods 1990-93 and 2000-2002. Wolfgang Kunne, while a visiting professor at Reading during 2000-2001, managed to show me with short shrift the folly of many of my previous convictions. Dr Andrew Woodfield, at the Department of Philosophy, University of Bristol, provided a continuous source of implacable resistance to my half-baked ideas during my Masters degree in 1994-95.

Finally, I doubt that I would have found philosophy much more than a series of confusing paradoxes had it not been for the works of Wittgenstein, Schopenhauer, Sartre and Aristotle, a dizzying ensemble that nevertheless continues to suggest – a bit here and a bit there – that there is some reasonable light at the end of the long, dark tunnel we inevitably find ourselves barreling through.

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